When you’re done hunting these eggs, come here for a more… grown-up kind of pleasure! I eat chocolate pretty much every day, but Easter is the time when you abandon all traces of guilt and you can finally make your binge fantasies come true. You know I have a sweet tooth, and the scenes I’ve gathered for you below should contribute to satisfying your holy cravings…


This scene with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche in Chocolat is the best Easter present ever. So take it, it’s my little treat for this bank holiday. Guaranteed calorie-free!  It’s not explicit, ok, but it’s really nice, and it gathers my two all-time hollywood crushes. Binoche is just the most beautiful and talented and Depp is my main memory from my teenage years. The film is a classic and it’s a very sweet, yet exciting and atypical love story.

Taye Diggs

Or you could do like Kate Walsh in Private Practice and enjoy some cosy, naughty time with the perfect Taye Diggs.

Idris Elba

Still hungry? Ok, then you can have fun watching this very hot scene from The Big C with Laura Linney and Idris Elba…

David Duchovny

Or if you’re into something a bit more… rough, then check out this scene from Californication. I’m not a big fan of the show, which often depicts women as either crazy or desperate, but I do enjoy the actor. What do you think?