I love sharing making of videos of my shoots, because I think part of feminist porn is about good working conditions and making good stuff, so with this behind the scenes video of my latest film, If You Dare, you’ll see what it’s like to be on a set. Sometimes, it gets boring, sometimes we laugh, we argue, we stress out, we talk about our holidays. Sharing that day with my crew and real-life couple Irina Vega and Fenyx Santos was an awesome experience!

The Making Of ‘If You Dare’

The first task is to put the actors at ease and making sure they’re comfortable. I give a general idea about how we’re going to do this and go over the script with them. I encourage them to tell me if they have any doubts or questions, while the girls and I finish setting up the gear.

Explaining how you see it in your head, in Spanish, is not an easy task but they really made an effort and I’m delighted with the result.