I’m sometimes hungry for sex as I am hungry for food. Food is often related to sex on a primary need level, and it even makes us feel things… Add lots of sugar to that and it makes a pretty great, sexy treat! Today, I’ve got my eye on a classic, the ice cream, and on the parallel between ice cream and desire, with a series of sexy videos! Of course, we almost all love ice cream and the fact that it’s ice cold doesn’t make it any less hot, check it out!

Ice cream pleasures often focus on women, which is pretty crappy in my opinion. Women are sweet like ice cream, and they’re the object of desire that bring pleasure to men. There’s also the whole sucking part which obviously relates to a fresh blow job. The videos are often made in a way that the product is sensual and desirable, like a woman! Of course, most people forget that desire goes both ways. I have found a few videos involving men and ice cream, and some others with hot girls as well, pick your favorite!

1. Sugar Rush

This one is absolutely gay, but still, it allows us to admire the guys’ hot bodies and their fondness for candy. I’m down with that!

AC-Sugar rush from fredo501 on Vimeo.

2. Icecreaming

This is a pretty cool and sexy fashion film by Tomasz Biskup starring model Jaq. It kind of makes me want to start playing tennis and get fat at the same time.

icecreaming. from kristofkrolak on Vimeo.

3. Explore Love

I don’t have much info about that one. It features a threesome with a guy about to have his way with two gorgeous girls…

Brunette&Blonde – Explore love ice cream from CA STUDIO on Vimeo.

4. Ice Cream Truck

Of course, we all remember Cazwell’s “piece of art” which is hard on the ears but nice on the eyes…

5. Oral Fixations

How could I talk about sexy ice cream and not mention Four Chambers’ Oral Fixations with Liesl and Vex. Oh my…

oral fixations (tease) from Four Chambers on Vimeo.

6. Bradley Cooper for Haagen Dazs

This is a shy little commercial starring sexy actor Bradley Cooper being all flirty and imagining this woman eating the ice cream with her fingers… Wish he would have worn less clothes for this video!

7. Ice cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! This is a little funny video with an unexpected ending…

Ice Cream! from Leena Pendharkar on Vimeo.

8. Ice Cream Cait

Check out this fun short film by Bill Wadman, with Cait Callahan and Everett Cox!

Ice Cream Cait from Bill Wadman on Vimeo.

EDIT – May 6, 2014

9. Wonder Asset

I have just found this film by lingerie masters La Fille d’O. Enjoy!

wonder assset. from la fille d'O on Vimeo.