Try to read a book while you’re holding a Hitachi between your thighs… Not so easy! But oh so delightful to watch, and, I imagine, to experience.

Hysterical literature – Session 12 with Fette Sans

The Hysterical Literature project by Clayton Cubitt whose goal is to bring back the pleasure of reading, literally, started last 2012. You may remember the session with Stoya reading Necrophilia Variations. This time, it’s the Photographer Fette Sans who reads Le Naufragé, by Thomas Bernhard. You guessed it, it’s in French. So those of you who are charmed by the French language are going to have a special treat…

This project is not only hot but also very positive as it really does encourage everybody to read more. It’s also quite mesmerizing to watch a woman trying to focus on the reading while somehow fighting the pleasure that is triggered between their legs. You can witness the evolution of the pleasure invading her body and her head, she has trouble reading, she pauses, starts again, she’s agitated, moving on her chair, trying to grasp something to hold on to, until she gives up and lets it take over until she reaches an epic orgasm. The wand is still buzzing in the post-coming silence.

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