Some videos don’t need to be deep. They don’t need to have a hidden meaning or fight for a cause. Some videos are just hot and that’s all WE need. If you like obviously beautiful men, three-day beards, v-shaped abs and languorous poses with long stares, then this series of eye candy videos are just what you want.


My challenge for you: check out this video of Blake Kneisley looking gorgeous and not touch yourself or think about him next time you have sex. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of Nine Inch Nails or because the model kind of looks like James Dean… but that video stirred something from inside. Bell Soto knows exactly how to film hot guys and Goddess, we are thankful.

POLAROID from Bell Soto on Vimeo.


I also really wanted to share this photo collection by Bell Soto called Captive, made for a rare issue of See Like Me and starring Canadian Model Andy. The young man is exploring his cross-dressing fantasies and wearing beautiful lingerie by Dior, Agent Provocateur and more…

I don’t know about you but men wearing woman’s underwear really turn me on…

captive by bell soto

captive by bell soto

captive by bell soto

More on Homotography

Marc Buckner or Ode to a torso

This guy is built like Henry Cavill. Need I say more? He’s cute and doesn’t take himself too seriously in this shoot. Enjoy…

Marc Buckner from m4 models management on Vimeo.

henry cavill naked gif tudors

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Not a fan of Superman but God was he hot in the Tudors!


Check out this cool little video with hot model Solal by Les JandJ.

PUMP from les JandJ – Motion Photographers on Vimeo.