I love it when films give us a hot look into the sex lives of the characters, especially when it’s done with taste. In a world where showing a cigarette in a movie rates PG-13, it’s hard to get some boob or dong action… However, some films do give us hot sex scenes, like the Spanish movie: Combustion (Combustión).

Combustion: Adriana Ugarte and Álex González are on fire

I haven’t seen the whole film… Despite living in Barcelona, I’m not the biggest fan of Spanish cinema, although they do have some pretty cool stuff. This film was released earlier this year, and some critics have compared it to the American film (or endless saga…) The Fast & The Furious, since it revolves around the fast-paced lives of young people who live for extreme sensations and money. The main characters are a couple, Ari and Navas, who trick rich people into falling for Ari so that Navas can steal them in the process. Of course, nothing goes as planned when they target a guy with a past…

This scene is really hot and shows the girl with the supposed victim of their plan… It seems to me like it’s not much of a hassle for her! The scene is pretty electrifying and very sensual. They’re both really hot and the passion is well depicted.

What do you think?

Adriana Ugarte – Combustion por papuraverde