Remember the scene from Love Is A Dangerous Game – The Romance Series, by New Sensations? Well, today, here’s a scene from another one of their movies, Lost and Found. I think you either like it or don’t, so check out the preview below!

This explicit comedy directed by Eddie Powell combines New Sensation’s mastery of an interesting and provocative story with sensual sex – all filmed in beautiful HD.

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lost and found porn new sensations

Lost and Found – Porn Soap?

The idea behind the New Sensations movies is that it’s like a TV show, but explicit sex. I actually love this idea, and even though sometimes, it’s still a bit fake to me, I have to say that this scene did the trick! The actors are normal looking, and they act in situations that we can all relate to. Sex is part of our lives, and it’s always frustrating when the characters suddenly hide under the covers, and we find them all spooned up in the morning, without seeing anything of the spicy action. Lost and Found is not mainstream, of course, but it’s still refreshing to see another kind of porn.

In my opinion, porn needs a bunch of new inputs, new perspectives and ideas, so that the audience, us, may choose from a wide variety of content, instead of just being stuck to cheap youporn stuff.