Here’s a little teaser video that you might like if you’re into fetish, latex or bdsm. The video also revolves around the use of this Nuru gel, for more awesome slippery sex.

Nuru gel and latex

Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese, so I guess the product deserves its name. Apparently it’s made of natural components, like chamomile and Nori seaweed. But you don’t eat it my friends, you roll yourself in it so that your latex-covered body doesn’t get all sticky and you can get all motion crazy with your partner.

I chose this video not so much for the gel in itself, but I love the style of the whole fetish thing. The heels, the props, the power play of domination and submission. I am personally exploring the BDSM world but I haven’t really explored fetish or latex yet, but I have to say it looks damn sexy!

The video was apparently made for

Nuru Fetish massage teaser video from Gamma on Vimeo.