You know I’m a big fan of eroticizing the male body, not to objectify it, but give it the adoration it deserves. In these two short films, men are revealed as sensitive, passionate and highly sensual characters. Oh, and they’re also models.

WE HO : Max Silberman by Bell Soto

Let’s say hello to the gorgeous Max Silberman, filmed by crafty genius Bell Soto. All hot and shirtless, he goes into a house where he basically gets turned on by himself – I would totally be turned on by myself if I were him. This ode to masturbation highlights the guy’s hot body and tattoos, while he fondles himself next to a mirror. A little bit narcissistic but oh so sexy.

MAX SILBERMAN by BELL SOTO from Bell Soto on Vimeo.

Men dancing in LUI

This video by André Atangana and François Rousseau from Boudoir Films is a beautiful and sensual choreography between two passionate men who rub against each other in a rhythmic and electric dance session. I love the color contrast and the smoke…

LUI-3-HD_1920X1080(1).mov from Boudoir Films on Vimeo.