Thank Goddess it’s Friday, am I right? For those of you who still have a few hours before the week end starts, and those who are already starting to enjoy it by sitting down on the couch in a big “Phew!”, here are three videos that will ease you into rest and pleasure. You know I love a good piece of eye candy and these films are exactly that…

1. Muses by Andrian Jutba

If you like sexy men and depressing music, this video was made for you. Jutba is a Photographer based in the Philippines, and in this film, he shows off all the hot models who have worked with him, his “muses”, as he calls them. It’s nice to watch and definitely Friday-worth.

MUSES BY ANDRIAN JUTBA from andrianjutba on Vimeo.


2. David Gandy on Zola Taylor’s Honeysuckle Rose

Scott F. Rogers took Zola Taylor’s song and put some amazing eye candy on top of it. It’s British model David Gandy starring in a Gabbana Underwear commercial from 2008. This video simply makes me lazy, perfect to start the week end!

Zola Taylor of The Platters “Honeysuckle Rose” 1960 [Enhanced Stereo] from Scott F Rogers on Vimeo.


3. Roped In by Adidas

And finally, if you’re more of a sports person – nobody’s perfect – you can admire this sexy video by the crew of, a site that makes videos mixing style, sex appeal and humor. Led by Timothy Reukauf and Gregory Kramer, they provide videos for different brands, this one for Adidas.

ROPED IN from 365GUY.NET on Vimeo.