You know I love to follow Bell Soto‘s feed, to discover all his latest goodie videos. Today, I though Nick Youngquest would make a perfect eye candy! Check out his shoot for RocketMagazine, by Bell Soto.

NICK YOUNQUEST for ROCKETmagazine from Bell Soto on Vimeo.

Come to mama Nick Youngquest

Let’s take a lick look at this nice Australian tattooed model, who apparently takes great pleasure in making us drool over our keyboards, like the geeks we are. Actually, Youngquest used to be a rugby league player for the Castleford Tigers Club of Europe’s Super League, which might explain why he is so damn hot.

This is a classical piece of eye candy, hot greased bod, although we’re more used to seeing women doing this, than men. So, for once, it’s pretty cool to see a guy as an object of pleasure and desire. As I often say, there is nothing wrong with objectification, as long as it goes both ways, and stays in a sexual/sensual context. No grabbing of asses at work, girls!

So, let’s thank Soto again for enlightening our day, looking forward to the next one! In the meantime, I’m going to follow Nick on twitter.

nick youngquest by bell soto