As you know I am back home right now seeing family & friends but like the dead guy who leaves a video will, I have scheduled this yummy post full of hot naked men so you don’t forget about me.

#1. Spell, with Lane Carlson

I’ve already showed some of Bell Soto‘s work here but he never ceases to impress me! His keen eye on the male form is just amazing. This video features very hot Lane Carlson just naked, you know, doing his own thing, shyly looking at the camera and knowing he’s making us super wet.

SPELL for Un-titled from Bell Soto on Vimeo.


I couldn’t resist. Here’s TRUTH, another video of naked Lane Carlson by Bell Soto.

TRUTH from Bell Soto on Vimeo.

#3. Best Italians

Who do you like better? Italians, or Brazilians? I’m too much of a traveller to choose. This video, by Ivan Muselli, features very yummy Italian models for Client Magazine‘s 4th issue.

 #4. Rock Bottom

I love tattoos. Don’t you? I find this guy is really freaking hot. I mean, you hardly notice the prosthetic leg, right? This is a “Behind the scenes” video showing Rock Bottom Underwear for the Monroe Land Toy Store.

Bonus video – Cock Rock

As usual, you get a bonus! This is a funny little video I found out there, showing a guy, well, parts of him, playing the guitar with his penis! I knew about air guitar but cock rock is so much better…

Performance by Elan Jurado.

That’s all folks!