After the L word, my personal favorite Queer As Folk (the Pittsburg one), and more recently HBO’s Looking, now comes Dudes, a new gay-themed web series set in Chicago and following the lives of three friends and their hot adventures.


We have Miles, an escort, his socialite roommate David, and David’s ex-boyfriend Tyler, who are going to take us through the blurred lines between gay friends, relationships and “frenemies”. I really like what writer and executive producer, Andrew Pemberton-Fowler, says: “Dudes was inspired by a story I read called Boys Who Hate Gay Culture. I thought: “Why don’t I try to take that angle, of looking at gay friends who are just guys who happen to sleep with men?”

Also, the difference with other shows is that Chicago is not a gay capital, and groups of people don’t mix as easily as in other cities, so the outlook of the everyday life of the characters will probably different from the ones in QAF.

Anyway, here are the first 90 seconds of the show, pretty hot at first, and then kind of funny.

More on Dudes’ official website!