Mixing hot sauce and masturbation literally doesn’t sound so great but, of course, it’s not about rubbing your clit with hot sauce in one painfully masochistic session, we’re not there yet and hopefully we’ll never be. Hot Couture is actually is really fun project we’ve just launched.

EDIT: Hot Couture Ep. 1 is now available on CommonSensual.

The Hot Couture challenge

The whole idea is to feed an actor increasingly spicy chicken wings and find out how far they can take it. When they’re at the peak of burning, they start masturbating. Is the heat going to affect the climax? How long will it take to come? Can he/she come?

I was interested in mixing the intense sensations you get from the hot sauce with the ones you get with sex, especially since the physical symptoms are quite similar, heat, sweat, tears, shaking… It also involves some degree of pain which reminds of my bondage experience.

We have shot two episodes of the series and next month, more will join the team. More info will come very soon, as we’re about to release the first episode, featuring Irina Vega, whom you may remember from my film If You Dare, on CS.