I don’t know where you are, but here in Barcelona, it’s pretty hot at the moment. Tourists, summer dresses and shirtless guys on the beach, this is the recipe for one hot summer, hot enough to put very perverted ideas into people’s minds, much to my enjoyment.

Hot Afternoon

Den and Josephine shy away from the busy, sweaty streets and enjoy a passionate afternoon together. Joymii has been doing some pretty good porn lately. I particularly like this scene because it’s simple and yet, very arousing. The way it’s shot lets us appreciate the pleasure that they are both feeling and it’s pretty obvious that the two of them have a nice chemistry together.

The music Joymii picks for the scenes can be, let’s say, cheesy, but this time I thought the track really fit the relaxed and hot atmosphere of the scene.

The only thing is that I’m not too fond of a shaved dick, but Den is cute and he makes up in stamina what he lacks in hair. I think producers like Joymii or X-Art like to feature shaved genitals to offer a clean, almost minimalistic, view of the sex, which can be a little annoying for me – I like it messy – but it also highlights the contact of the skin, especially when it goes slowly, which can be extremely hot.

So, enjoy the preview of Hot Afternoon. You can watch the full scene here.

[sublimevideo poster=”http://n2.joymii.com/sets/psn316/cover/r-970×546.jpg” src1=”http://n2.joymii.com/sets/psn316/r-640×360-mp4-fhg.mp4″ src4=”http://n2.joymii.com/sets/psn316/r-640×360-webm-fhg.webm” uid=”8213e224″ id=”8213e224″ width=”735″ height=”413″ settings=”autoresize:fit”]


hot afternoon den and josephine

hot afternoon joymii

hot afternoon josephine and den