I love this little animation I found today thanks to Missy Rhodes. We all know about fetishes but seeing them in action is definitely a whole new experience and this time, it’s all about high heels.

High On Heels

Missy Rhodes is a fetish performer, actress and model from Chicago. She runs the site A Sublime Fetish where she posts photos and videos. Missy loves exploring kink, cyber sexuality and sex positivity. And she apparently loves shoes too!

I don’t have a big wardrobe filled with clothes, mainly because I spend all my money on porn, but I do love shopping and some of these heels are gorgeous. All the more gorgeous when they’re in a guy’s mouth, going in and out… I don’t exactly know what it is but the submission, the heels… It’s freaking hot!

HIGH ON HEELS from A Sublime Fetish on Vimeo.