It is still a surprise for a lot of people to watch actors who don’t fit our society’s beauty standards in alternative porn. I hope one day, we won’t call it alternative porn anymore, because porn will include everything and everybody. Kitty Stryker is an actress and a director for Courtney Trouble’s TroubleFilms and she is doing a great job pushing “plus size porn” into a new era, especially with her new film, Here Kitty Kitty.

Here Kitty Kitty

There is no plot. It is just awesome people having fun together, fucking each other with lust. I believe it helps us unlearn what we have been taught so far, about what sex HAS to be like.

Stryker teamed up with AVN’s ‘BBW Of The Year’ (BBW = Big Beautiful Women) April Flores, Cinnamon Maxxine, Miss Quin as well as Ruckus and real-life partner Ned Would for her first MMF threesome, which looks fucking hot. I always kind of envy the people who are able to share a threesome with two guys who ACTUALLY interact with each other, instead of focusing on the woman.

It bothers me a little bit that we somehow have to label it “plus size porn”, but in a way, it is important to show that everybody, of all colors and sizes, is entitled to sex and porn too, because until now, as you know, porn is not really famous for its variety. So, it’s important to let YOU know that it exists and that you should fucking watch it.

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