Alice InsideI write this post as I am preparing for my trip to Berlin for the famous Porn Film Festival, where Alice Inside and Up All Night will be screened! There are plenty of cool and original porn events in the world and I believe they are important to let us know about the changes in the adult industry and especially discover new talents. This teaser video shows us a preview of last year’s PopPorn Festival in Brazil, which was inspired by the Berlin festival and which is definitely a turn on and an exciting peek into all the talent porn gathers.


This erotic animated film reflects how wide the possibilities are in porn, using different tools, such as painting and drawing, to convey their message. Porn doesn’t have to be this boring, mechanical, uninspired parody of itself. It can be a form of art, a way to express yourself and explore the many ways of triggering passion and lust in the audience.

The festival was on this year as well, and will probably keep happening seeing as the pornorama is starting to wake up from its dreamless sleep.

More info here!

PopPorn #3 from PopPorn Festival on Vimeo.