Head space, an explicit film that will make you go vegetarian

Head Space is a short film by Tokyo Stone, featuring model Bella Stone and hypnotizing music. It’s extremely sexy, a little bit weird, and completely artistic. I love it!

Condoms are f***ing sexy

I’m thinking that the girl in the video used a condom to avoid sucking a raw cucumber, which, thinking about it, could be not so pleasant. However, I do think it adds even more eroticism to the scene, since we can see her caressing the vegetable (or fruit?) and lovingly sucking it, through the condom. It reminds me of safe sex videos in which they teach us how to apply a condom onto a banana, but way hotter of course. Fellatio can be truly awesome for girls, but not always with a guy’s penis. All phallic shapes can turn out to be arousing, in the right circumstances.

I’ve been looking for sexy videos involving the use of condoms, and to my surprise, there aren’t many, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for a future post.

Head Space by Tokyo Stone

Tokyo Stone is an art directing company shooting unapologetic and erotic films, in black and white, with a blend of art and fashion. One of their latest works is the video for Prayer by Mary Gold. Their work is dark, intense and greatly detailed. As they say about their philosophy: “We shall strive to eliminate the perfect expectations forged by an imperfect world.”

You can check them out on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

The music in the Head Space video is Twice by Little Dragon. You can also follow Bella Stone on her tumblr.

head space tokyo stone

head space tokyo stone

head space tokyo stone

head space tokyo stone




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