One day left until the week end, and what else can help us survive until then but a video full of sexualized gorgeous men in their underwear? Pour some white wine over it and welcome, you’re in heaven! This clip is for underwear brand Modus Vivendi. More below!

Sinful eye candy by Modus Vivendi

The official title of the video is ΔΕΛΕΑΡ (Thelear). It’s Greek for “something attractive, desirable or enticing, which is offered as an incentive to persuade someone who hesitates (possibly for moral reasons).” Well, we’re pretty convinced now! No moral code can go in our way to enjoy some delicious nakedness.

The whole thing is sweetly decadent. The mix between the Christian symbols and the tattoos, leather… makes it even sexier, and we don’t really know if they’re having a baptism or an exorcism. The whole message is basically to yield to temptation and fall into the pleasures of sex. Obviously, we all have to be punished for our sins, and the clip mixes very well the feelings of pain and desire.

The video was shot by Dimitris Tsatsoulis, and the precious models are:  Antonis Kiskiras, Charles Gabriel, Gerasimos, Kyriakos Aslanoglou, Thomas Patrick. I don’t know which is the one with the beard, but he’s mine.

Before making this video, they also made one for their Retro Greece collection, and another very… stimulating one for the athletic collection.