Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I would share what I’ve learned over the course of this year with the help of a selection of my favorite pieces of erotic illustrations from around the dark corners of the Internetz.

More than half a year ago, inspired by what I had experienced at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, I launched my own erotic cinema,

erotic illustration{View the rest of Apollonia Saintclair’s gorgeous work}

As fear stirred into me, I also felt empowered by the challenge of being my own boss.

boss sexy{via}

But at the same time, there were also a lot of new aggressions against female sexuality and indie porn. Censorship, bans, taxes and narrow-minded laws.

chamonsta nude drawing{More of Chamonsta’s work here}

As idiotic and outdated these new laws are, they do impact our own private life and even keep society from evolving beyond gender stereotypes.

mon plaisir{via}

They’re trying to fuck us in the ass, but what they don’t know is that we actually enjoy anal and we’re determined to make ethical, feminist porn happen.

symbios erotic illustration{by tomverton}

A big change for me this past year has been moving from Barcelona to Berlin. I got a new home, new people, new life.

erotic illustrations{via}

I’ve already met lots of cool people and even sneaked into a few new projects that promise to be hot as hell.

erotic drawing{via}

I bought a bicycle, which didn’t turn out to be the lifesaver I thought – cycling on the road scares the crap out of me – but I’m looking forward to riding it in summer along the river.


I met a bunch of tattoo artists and I can’t wait to get the next one done.

marco and jacopo{via}

I met some fun new partners…

nude drawing{via}

…and enjoyed new experiences.

the weird love{via}

I’ve been able to explore my body a lot thanks to my new career and I finally feel like I’m beginning to enjoy sex as I should.

toshio saeki{via}

Instead of being self-conscious about my body, I began to feel it vibrate in a new pride, like a nice fuck you to all the bullshit I had been taught my whole life.

curvy erotic illustration{via}

I also had the opportunity to dive into bondage, helping a friend learn how to tie knots and even enjoying it myself with a partner. Quite the discovery.

bondage illustration{via}

Sex toys were also a good way to have more fun with myself and actually figure out what I liked and didn’t like.

apollonia saintclair{via}

To sum it up, it’s been quite the year, and we still have a lot to do in 2015. Thank you for following this blog, folks!

-> I don’t own copyright for these images, that’s why I have added credit for each one. If you feel like your work doesn’t deserve a spot in this post, let me know!