Nobody needs pornography. You can guess how much I disagree with that, but Pavlov’s discourse and what he tries to show us in this short film, “Intimacy”, is that we sometimes forget, and we don’t take the time to mix sex with love, feelings, reflection, and spirit.


“All we need is true love, and a little soul and religion and philosophy. ” What I think we can take from these words, is that, sex is fun, but by excluding vital elements such as relationships, happiness, patience and intimacy, we lose a great part of the fun. I like that he says “…a little soul”. It actually fits my views on sex and pornography. Without soul, all you have is a mechanical series of meaningless acts that trigger, sometimes, our biological functions. If you add connection, time, detail, sensitivity, you get an experience, something you won’t forget, and that makes your life richer.

Pavlov also talks about the noise, that’s to say the pollution around us every day, the media, the stress, the preoccupations… If you don’t stop, breathe and think every once in a while, you might miss your connection.

Pavlov is a self-taught videographer who focuses on beauty, music videos and short stories.

Enjoy his latest video below!