Girls, props and candy in SAV=

I don’t have much information about this short film but I know that it is awesome. Take a few hot women, put them in a studio full of props and let them have fun. This is exactly what happens on SAV= by Madeline Amend.


First, I love the visual effects that give it a very pornish atmosphere. Mixing layers of footage make the crazy stuff happening even more titillating. A toy jaw on the pussy or a big lolly lop in the mouth, the performers are enjoying themselves like little, naughty, kids.

I also like that it didn’t cut the parts when they smile as we can get closer to the models and only start to imagine what it was like on the set.

A really cool video by an filmmaker that features other crazy videos on her vimeo page, much like this Cottage Cheese Performance.

sav= from Madeline Amend on Vimeo.

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  1. […] • Lucie Blush est allée mettre son nez dans les petits trésors cachés de Vimeo, elle en est ressortie avec sav=,  objet visuellement non-identifié, à base de talons à paillettes, de carottes dans les fesses et de gants en peluche dans une atmosphère étrange et joyeuse. Le court-mettrage de Madeline Amend  vaut le coup d’œil. Pour les amoureux du fromage anglais, elle a même filmé une performance où le cottage cheese coule à flots. […]

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