I am French but I am not a very patriotic person. However, when it comes to sex, I know how to recognize good work. Mainstream movies are often shy about sex, although some of them have proven to unveil more than a nipple, while other directors choose to express pleasure and passion by not showing us the explicit parts. These two movies feature gay pleasure with two very hot sex scenes, and show the audience an authentic sexual symptom of love and passion. One is from a male perspective, the other from a female one.

1. Come undone: youth, love and sex on the beach

Come Undone is a French film (“Presque Rien“) by Sébastien Lifshitz. Yesterday I was talking about Young Love in my “Sunday Good Porn Session”, well this film is also about the discoveries of sexual passion, but from a gay point of view. The film  revolves around Mathieu, played by Stéphane Rideau, an 18-year-old who spends summer at his mother’s house in Brittany. On the beach, he meets Cédric, and a love story begins.

I am writing this after a long week end spent at the beach for Catalan “Sant Joan”, and I have to say it feels very nice. The freedom, the salty air and the feeling that everything is going to be okay…

Stephane Rideau – presque rien (plage) por Aarronn

2. The Exterminating Angels: a mature curiosity into darkness

This film, made by Jean-Claude Brisseau, follows a French director whose project is to make a movie about female pleasure and sexual taboos. The actors who accept to participate in this project will give life to his fantasies, and, at the same time, explore their own. This scene between two women (Maroussia Dubreuil and Lise Bellynck) having sex is, in my opinion, extremely arousing. It’s not exactly a threesome because the director is not directly involved in the sex, it’s more like he directs them, like on a movie set. The two women are playing his fantasies and obey his directions, and the goal is to create something beautiful, although I suspect the director’s aim might be more selfish.