Here’s another little jewel by Four Chambers. Check out Secretions.


It’s quite funny – or not – to see that a lot of maintream porn scenes are totally dry. Then people wonder why we don’t really feel connected with the scene or the pleasure in it… Maybe it’s because it’s totally obvious that it’s all fake. A dry cunt reminds us of these times when we were fucked without really enjoying it and it shows a total lack of consideration for female pleasure.

Sex is supposed to be messy and dirty and sweetly disgusting. I feel that porn is often a lot like mainstream cinema. We try to make it as pristine and perfect as possible, or at least what we think perfection looks like. A good make up, panty hose, high heels. Is that really what sex is about? We try to hide these so called flaws when, in my opinion, we should show something real. The scene can be totally fictitious, but pleasure is pleasure and a dry cunt only makes me feel discomfort.

So, this scene by Four Chambers deliciously plays with liquids, secretions. A shiny game of getting wet. Freshie is obviously having a lot of fun dancing and fucking herself and it makes me quite horny to watch her play with her mouth, her cunt, her whole body.


secretions // tease from Four Chambers on Vimeo.