I wasn’t born in the 1970s, and I am discovering, now, films that are classics from this time. I’m also realizing that many films from that time were much more provocative and avant-guard than they are now. It wasn’t all hygienic, regulated and conformist. That’s why I’m going to post flashback sessions, often, so we can rediscover these great films with explicit content. Today, let’s watch the Super Fly sex scene!

Black love in the Super Fly sex scene

I did the unmentionable. I read the Youtube comments on this video. And for once, I was pleased to see that many people were very thankful to be able to watch this scene again. First, a little bit of background. Super Fly is what they call a “Blaxpoitation” film, which basically means that it depicts an urban black context. The look and feel of the film is actually really close to real-time street life in NYC at the time. Blaxpoitation films often feature soul and funk soundtracks, just like Super Fly, which got very famous for its soundtrack by soul singer Curtis Mayfield.

Anyway, the film is about Priest, a cocaine dealer who wants to escape the business, but decides to do a big score before doing so. Of course, it’s not going to be that easy since the mob is waiting for him at the corner.

Ron O’Neil and Sheila Frazier

This scene is absolutely beautiful. It features Priest and Georgia in the bathtub. It’s not completely explicit, but still hugely arousing and beautifully shot. The black skins touching in the water and the emotion between the two actors is amazing.

I’ll let you judge for yourself.