Matteo Linguiti is a Photographer and Filmmaker from Italy. I’ve got quite the crush on his work, like his short, Experiment 01.

Experiment 01

This film triggers all our senses. You can hear the rain, touch their skin, feel their breathing… It’s sweet and intense at the same time. Hypnotizing. It’s like everything stops for a few minutes. Linguiti did everything himself, camera, lights… with the help of Paolo Forchetti for the sound design.

Granted, it’s not explicit, but I think it’s extremely hot and sensual. Do you?

More on Matteo’s Tumblr, Facebook and site.

Experiment 01 from Matteo Linguiti on Vimeo.


Linguiti also made this short below. I only wish he shot sexy male models too!

Cut-Reverse-Cut from Matteo Linguiti on Vimeo.

You can also check out some of his photos…

matteo linguiti

matteo linguiti photo erotic

matteo linguiti

experiment 01 matteo linguiti