Espial – The pleasure of spying

It’s summer now – well, kinda – and I almost forgot to show you this beautiful new scene by Four Chambers. Enjoy Espial!

Espial – See and be seen

Moth and Rust are so sexy in this, together. We’re also there, behind the door, watching them like the big fat voyeurs that we are. And it’s delicious!

The title, Espial, says what it says. It’s about spying, staying there all quiet and grasping all the details of these two people fucking, just like watching birds fly and get cosy in the nest.

We see enough to get totally aroused but not too much as to spoil the imagination.

It’s a new treat by Four Chambers. Take it all in!

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  1. AMINE

    August 8, 2015 6:42 pm

    i love it

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