Erotic short films

Panda Sexpress by Steve Diet Goedde

Pandas are hot. Apparently. This is a short film by Photographer Steve Diet Goedde. The man did quite a lot of work around Fetish, which you can see on his site. The sexy panda here is Caroline Aquino. "Panda Sexpress" by Steve Diet Goedde from stevedietgoedde on Vimeo. And because now everything has a prequel:…

Dancing Anymore – New ‘Is Tropical’ video clip

The Megaforce collective has released a new video clip titled "Dancing Anymore" for the electro band Is Tropical. The video is from a teenage boy's point of view who does exactly what we've ALL done: hours spent fantasizing and masturbating when our parents were away. Maybe we don't all share the fantasy of virtual girls,…

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