Korea, the land of WTF and other great things like this relatively new film, The Concubine, by Kim Dae-Seung.

The Concubine – Hot And Fucked Up

This video is an extract from the movie, which was released last year. The story is set in the Joseon Dynasty, and follows Hwa-yeon, who decides to offer herself as a royal concubine to escape poverty. As soon as she enters the palace, a love triangle is formed, since two men are immediately captivated by her. Candidate #1 is The Grand Prince Seong-won, a powerful megalomaniac, and candidate #2 is Kwon-yoo, whose desire for Hwa-Yeon can jeopardise his position and his life. This is how we love triangles, right? They’re dangerous, full of passion, and most of the time, tense and unhappy.

You can actually really grasp how weird and passionate they all are in the video below. There is a veil of uneasiness throughout the whole film, and in the extract, it starts right from the beginning, when the old guys tell the couple what to do and how they are going to have sex.

The idea of boundaries is also very loose in this movie. The space is constrict and the characters are confined in the palace, where the walls are thin, almost inexistent, and the voyeurism and jealousy are free to spice things up even more.

However, the sex is also pretty hot (except the part where the prince forces a woman to have sex with him in order to replace Hwa-yeon). The danger makes it even more desirable, and when you mix passion and violence, the ending is usually pretty gruesome. The end of the video actually spoils it a little for you, so, watch at your own risk!