I realize I’ve been talking quite a lot about True Blood. You’ll have to forgive me, the last season is just filled with sex scenes that I simply cannot ignore. Seriously, the show brought us some extremely hot and unconventional sexual goodies, including gay sex, which make Game of Thrones look like a children’s show. There is only one episode left in the season finale and the episode from last Sunday offered us something we were all waiting for, a scene between Eric and Ginger…

true blood ginger gif

Eric and Ginger – Master and Slave

I really enjoyed learning more about how Ginger, the screaming “fangbanger”, ended up in Fangtasia. It’s no secret that she’s always been longing for Eric’s body – who hasn’t – and since we all know he’s just a sweet gummy bear on the inside, he finally decides to fuck her.

I love that the show basically runs on female desires. Ginger has always been very open about her wish to fuck the viking vampire. Eric asks her where she imagined fucking with him in her fantasy. They go to the throne and she can’t hide her excitement. The way she says she’s going to straddle him shows how much she’s been thinking about this for the last decade. I mean, it’s a long time to wait, so I would be just like her in her position. I’ll let you watch the scene below if you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s simply hilarious.

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