If you’re a member of LucieMakesPorn.com, then you probably already watched my latest film, Don’t Touch Me! The shooting was a very fun experience and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. So I have made a tiny making-of video so you can get an idea of what it’s like being on the set of a porn film!

Making of Don’t Touch Me

Juan Lucho and Bianca Resa had a very good chemistry together, you could feel that they wanted to have sex together, which is what made the film special, in my opinion. It’s always a challenge to express an idea, especially when sex is involved, and to make people understand what your vision is and what you’re trying to achieve.
Fortunately, the crew did an amazing job and I am very happy with the result!

You can also check out the photos from the set right here if you haven’t seen them yet.

So, here are the making of / bloopers below. You can tell we had a few good laughs! And the neighbors across the street were definitely impressed…

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