Doing the laundry has always had some kind of erotic dimension. There is a lot of bending over, sweating, mess and smells, and although you’re probably wearing the last clean clothes and underwear you own, it can be quite the turn on. Of course, it’s not about the young wife showing her round booty while stuffing the washing machine with Mr Husband’s shirts anymore, because in this part of the world, thankfully, both men and women have to get their hands dirty. And equality is fucking hot!

So I wanted to show you these two porn scenes that show how a boring afternoon of laundry can turn into a memorable experience…

Baby, Do My Washing

I really love this new scene by Verso Cinema, starring Luna Ruiz and Lobo. It’s dark and sexy as hell, far away from stereotyped porn scenarios. The smoke, their faces of boredom, at first… Then, of course, how to spend the time until the washing is done? Easy… With the sound of the washing machine in the background, Luna can’t resist Lobo’s icy blue eyes and yields to this productive way of passing the time.

Watch the full scene here

The Laundromat

Joybear has another creative approach to doing the laundry, in this scene from Street Heat 3. The movie is about Rachel and Jerilee going through London to find couples who would be willing to have sex in front of the camera. They find this couple at the laundromat who are – suspiciously easily – persuaded to do it. They find a nice spot on a washing machine in a private room at the back and proceed to fuck on, against and over the machine.

I am intrigued by having sex in public spaces. I think I would still be pretty self-conscious about somebody finding us out. It’s not because I am a porn actress and filmmaker that I’ve lost all sense of boundaries, but I’m pretty excited with the idea of pushing these boundaries more and more and trying new experiences.

This scene is a little bit amateurish and voyeur, which makes it quite nice.
Watch the full scene here