This is a really hot music video for Dirty Killer (The Bad Atom remix) by British band the Courtesans. It’s weird and sensual and dark and I love it!

Dirty Killer by The Courtesans

The four women describe their work as “erotic, cinematic, atmospheric and as addictive as Absinthe”. They mix music and video to provide a full experience. Dirty Killer is part of their debut album, and they’ll start touring this summer.

I like the burlesque / fetish atmosphere. It might be a little emo but still, I think it’s hot and the nsfw video definitely brings out eroticism. You can watch the censored video below, you can only watch the uncensored version if you join their mailing list on their site, but I think it’s worth the effort!

They also made a pretty hot video for their song Venus in Furs. Check it out.

The Courtesans Venus in Furs Uncensored from The Courtesans on Vimeo.