A while ago, I included a scene, Death Valley, from the film Destricted in a post about masturbation, and I told you I would tell you more about the movie. Well, the day has come!

Destricted is actually more a series than a movie. The concept is basically that several directors were asked to reflect on art and pornography, among themselves are Gaspar Noé, Marina Abramovic, Marco Brambilla… The UK version includes seven short films and the American version, eight (some are the same). The result is a range of very different, eccentric, beautiful, conceptual… films about porn and its artistic form.

Let me go through my favorite short films… You can learn more about the others and the whole project on the official site and watch the trailer here. By the way, the picture I posted for the article is from the Green Pink Caviar short film by Marilyn Minter. It’s weird, so watch it… You can watch a preview here.

We Fuck Alone by Gaspar Noé

This short film is actually a bit scary. It has a similar atmosphere to horror movies, in my opinion, with the stressful soundtrack. It looks almost ritualistic and raw. This is only part of the film, which shows a young man having sex with a doll. The whole thing is altered. As they explain on the site: Here, sex, beauty and violence combine to create a mesmeric and unforgettable landscae entirely on its own.

Stop motion porn : Four Letter Heaven by Cecily Brown and Sync by Marco Brambilla

These two films are different but use the same kind of technique to give us their insight on porn. Four Letter Heaven was made by Cecily Brown, who’s not a director by a painter. As an artist, she explored the erotic impulse and sexual power in her paintings. This film is the extension of that since she painted each frame individually for it.

Sync, on the other hand, is two minutes of one-second-clips from many, many porn movies.

Impaled, by Larry Clark

This one is, again, a bit different. It shows us a casting for a porn film, and the women tell us what they think about what they do, what turns them on… Since the 1980s, everybody has easy access to porn, and it is very interesting to know what porn performers experience in their mind and body. I like that the women are so self-confident, when the guy is really insecure.

Destricted: Impaled clip