Dear Jiz – Tears, laughter, sex and inspiration

I am back from Berlin after a week at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. This was a highly intense event with 120 films screened and filmmakers, journalists and performers coming from all around the world.

Dear Jiz

The last event I attended there was a ‘filmmaker in focus’ session with Bright Desire‘s Ms Naughty, who told us about her work and showed us a few clips from her films and allowing us to see her creative and artistic evolution during her fourteen years as a porn filmmaker – she was initially a librarian. The last one was Dear Jiz, a short film she shot with queer porn star Jiz Lee.

The session was intense because I think we were all tired from the week and maybe a little overwhelmed by all this amazing content, and both actor and director shed a few tears during the Q&A afterwards. It is beautiful to see how porn, when done right, can unleash such raw emotions and deeply connect with the people. Jiz explained that they had been receiving mail from their fans, making them a spontaneous ambassador of queer sexuality and porn, which they didn’t know exactly how to manage.

Watching them get into this bathtub and pleasure themselves in an open, honest way, is totally brilliant and will uncover a wide chain of feelings in you. Here’s the teaser.

*Note: I edited this article to replace the feminine person “she” associated to Jiz Lee, by “they”, “them” and so on. They don’t identify with our society’s strict gender definitions and it’s important to respect that. I don’t think about this often enough and every word counts. Food for thoughts people!

[eafl id=”53691″ name=”bright desire” text=”>>Watch the whole film here<<"]

Dear Jiz from Ms Naughty (Louise Lush) on Vimeo.

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  1. Claude C.

    November 1, 2014 12:33 pm

    So rigt: Every word counts. As long as writers, directors/trices and (!) performers believe in Dirty Talk as an evident and integral part of a porn movie they will feed audiences with a vocabulary and aspirations of sex as dirty, undesirable, a forbidden fruit. The Sex you see is served with words it fits. It’s the words and the sound of voices which makes each porn looking authentical and believable. It’s the words in porn that fuel the ammunition dumps of the crusaders for a world free of porn. To replace He and She through They is okay. But it’s not a major issue about words on gender, sex or porn.

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