I remember my ‘9 to 5’ era. Waking up at ungodly hours, shoving a quick breakfast before shoving myself in an overcrowded metro. I hated it, but we do what we got to do. Routine is a famous theme in a couple’s relationship. It can be deadly. Or. It can be a playground, a game. Being away from your partner for the whole day instead of snuggling under the covers and snoozing the alarm away is not ideal, but it also means you get to find them again after slaving away for eight hours.

Watch '9to5' here


I seem to be focusing a lot on imagination lately. I don’t have a 9 to 5 job, but I did move twice in the last six months, so I’ve had to be up and awake during office hours, organizing my life and daydreaming about my inner instincts in the meantime. It gave me a lot of ideas.

My husband is making tailored soundtracks for my films now, and we thought it would be cool to make music for this scene and use it to reinforce the idea of an automated life. When you have a solid routine and a job to go to every day, your body moves for you. Your habits drive you out of bed and into the shower.

In ‘9to5’, Juan and Katana wake up early. Their first instinct is to have slow, lazy waking up sex, and yet, they are interrupted by the alarm. The apartment comes to life as they go about their morning routine, but they can’t seem to focus on what they are doing, still having sex together in their mind. So they share a fantasy while driven in this loop of automated, almost robotic gestures.

Enjoy the stills below and check out the trailer and full movie here.

juan lucho 9to5 katana 9to5 katana and juan lucho 9to5 by lucie blush katana and juan lucho