After a year of editing, a year of doubts, questions and path-altering events, DAWN is finally ready. My first long film, my revenge project. Three days in the woods, a trippy script, a van and a whole team of people running from the storm with expensive equipment…

The shooting of Dawn was definitely an adventure. It has taking me a long time to figure out the changes in my life, and I feel that the editing of this film has been with me the whole time, reflecting my highs and lows.

EDIT Aug. 12th 2018: DAWN is now fully available on my site. 40 minutes. 4 sex scenes.

Watch the full film here

You might have recognized a few faces, like Magena Yama and Alexei Jackson.

Dawn, a new era

I never wanted to find the formula for porn and go on with my life making the same thing over and over. I want to show more, go deeper. I want to make real films, or fake porn, anything that might give you goosebumps when you don’t expect it anymore.

So, this is a soft trailer for you guys. A lot more crazy stuff is coming.

Should be a fun summer!