Happy is the day when there is a new Four Chambers short film. And this one is special as well. Crystalline is a collaboration between Four Chambers and Ortie, a French photographer I told you about a while back.


In this amazingly hot short film, we have Vex, the hypnotizing ash-haired girl, Blath, the punkish beauty, Auryn, the savory dark goddess, and Dwam, the badass princess.

The teaser shows how much they care about the details and the experience. It feels like we’re right there with them, enjoying some smooth, hot lovin’. Actually, the teaser is so hot that it was removed by Vimeo shortly after Vex uploaded it. It’s now up again on Dwam’s page, so let’s hope the vimeo folks get some common sense and let us enjoy life for a bit.

The red, velvety couch, the awesome lingerie, the mix of four bodies kissing and licking each other… This film is an overwhelming piece of real, modern, erotic art.

Of course, this is only the teaser. You can watch the whole, explicit film by making a donation. Four Chambers isn’t really a business, but more an artist collective, so it’s greatly appreciated to get some help to buy gear and make more films! Actually, Vex and Dwam have set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money and make more awesome productions. So, you know what you have to do! Check it out here.

Music by My Friend Is.

Crystalline – teaser from Dwam on Vimeo.