Here’s a nice little music video I found today, for electro artist Deepchild’s song Coldwork, featuring a very sexy striptease and some very nice shots.

Coldwork by Deepchild

I like the close up shots that let us appreciate the tiny details, like the delicate lingerie, the black nails or a caress on the neck. The animation is pretty cool too, with different parts of the clip moving around almost drowning us in sexiness. The model takes her clothes off little by little until the director starts playing with lights and shapes. Sometimes, trivial things like a suggestive shape or texture can trigger our desire, and this game of colors and lights with the body itself is definitely arousing.

Deepchild is a producer and DJ from Australia and based in Berlin. You can check out his website for more info!

DEEPCHILD – COLDWORK from AUTO64 (Tom Phillipson) on Vimeo.