Claudio Assis is a filmmaker from Brazil. His films talk about his native region, Pernambuco, prostitution, sex and poetry. This video is a peak into his unconventional work!

Claudio Assis’ Zenith

In cinema, the zenith shot means shooting from above. As you can see in the video-essay below, everything is shot from the ceiling, allowing us to watch the characters from a higher perspective. Assis directed a bunch of films and vehemently criticizes the film industry, especially in Brazil where production is apparently difficult.

I love many aspects of this film. The music is absolutely beautiful and fits well with the casual images of sex in the video. I love the black and white, the zenith shots of the characters laying on the bed, naked; together.

The sex scene in the bucket is both hot and funny. The ecstasy we can see on the guy’s face is precious and the endless motion makes the whole thing very poetic.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video and check out Claudio Assis’ work. It seems like a very different, clever and beautiful look into life and sexuality. There isn’t much info about him, except if you speak Portuguese, but you can still visit his facebook page.

Cláudio Assis – Zenital from Revista Usina on Vimeo.