We’ve all seen great movies, and very bad ones. The Brown Bunny is a masterpiece for some people, and an hour-and-a-half-long torture for others. It’s very different from Hollywood movies since it doesn’t follow the conventional pattern of film making. The angles are weird and the whole thing is very “conceptual”. It got to be very famous for the controversial blow job scene between Vincent Gallo (also the Director of the film) and Chloë Sevigny. Why? Because it’s completely explicit, and very real.

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The Brown Bunny

It’s about Bud Clay, a motorcycle racer who crosses the country to participate in a race in California. To avoid his own loneliness and forget his past love (Sevigny), he sleeps with random women. We realize through the movie that he cannot accept the lost of his relationship with Daisy and slowly self-destroys.

cruel intentions selma blair blow job gif

The famous BJ

This scene depicts a dark fantasy, a wish to trick the brain into thinking that it’s not over. I don’t know about the whole movie, but this scene is freaking intense. I love that Sevigny is taking so much pleasure in it, and that it’s so natural and raw. Both Gallo and Sevigny are known for being kind of alternative characters, and they go really well together in this dark and conceptual piece.

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