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You know how I get crazy around hot guys. Well, Charlie Hunnam is no exception. A few days ago, we learned that he would be Christian Grey from the famous Fifty Shades Of Grey on the big screen. The reactions were varied, but I am pretty happy with the announcement, since I’m in my “tall blonds” phase… So, to imagine what he will be like as the main character of a story that made many panties go berzerk, let’s look a little bit into the steamy scenes of this Son of Anarchy, as well as photos and gifs to give you a nice preview…

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Charlie Hunnam and Liv Tyler in The Ledge

The Ledge was released a couple of years ago. Gavin (Hunnam) is an atheist who falls in love with Shana (Tyler), the wife of a practicing Christian. A battle of philosophies will take place as Gavin and Shana start having an affair. To be honest, here’s a recap of the scenes between Hunnam and Tyler. It looks really good, but we can’t really see any goodie…

You can watch the trailer of the film here.

Sons of Anarchy

You might have seen this show: it’s full of testosterone, violence and leather. What’s not to like? Jackson and Tara have this hot on and off relationship, you can watch more in the video below. Sorry, it’s a fan-made video…

By the way, Tara is played by Maggie Siff, whom you will be able to see in Concussion, the film I was talking to you about yesterday, about a lesbian wife by day, and prostitute by night.


Queer as Folk – No jealousy!

Yes, the guys can also fantasize about Charlie Hunnam with actual gay scenes, from the UK show Queer as Folk. Ok, he’s pretty young in this series, but he was already very charming and ripped…

charlie hunnam sons of anarchy gif
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charlie hunnam hot
charlie hunnam sons of anarchy
jax and tara sex gif sons of anarchy

Wow, she looks happy…


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