Yesterday I had the pleasure of travelling to Amsterdam for the Porna Awards ’14 by Dusk! I was going as a nominee, since my film Don't Touch Me was nominated for Best Newcomer. Sorry to spoil it for you, but I didn’t win. However I am very happy – for real – that Lara Tinelli got the Award for her film Girls Sex Tricks. Here’s the trailer video and a few pics from my trip with some very cool people.

Girls Sex Tricks

Girls Sex Tricks TRAILER from THAGSON DIGITAL MEDIA on Vimeo.

Amsterdam and The Porna Awards

So, first thing I see when I arrive in Amsterdam is this sad board telling tourists not to buy coke on the street. Nothing says ‘welcome’ better than this.

lucie blush amsterdam

I see a few interesting things on my way to the AirBnb place. Gender violence is everywhere, sadly.

2014-11-28 13.36.41

Anyway, then I got to meet Wallace, the adorable beast I shared a night with. My heart is full and my hands are bleeding – he is not amused…

2014-11-29 11.13.10

And I went on my way to the Dusk! pre party at a beautiful green house (not the kind you think) and I got to meet lots of cool people, including the Dusk! crew, Ovidie, Lara Tinelli and more.

After a few hours of live saxophone and free drinks, we headed to the ceremony, where the band that got famous for their awesome video clip, ADAM, played live.

ADAM live dusk! porna awards 2014

And the award ceremony started, awarding Lara for her first film as a director, and Dee D who got the award for Lena (Joybear).

Liesbet Zikkenheimer, the mind and soul of Dusk! got an Life Achievement Award for her work, it was very moving!

liesbet Zikkenheimer dusk!

Here’s Lara, Ovidie and I in very good company.

lara tinelli lucie blush ovidie

Today, well rested after the night, Wallace and I are just chillin’, watching some old episodes of Friends.

2014-11-29 11.26.57