Brittany and Tommy in “Wake me up” #goodporn by Joymii

The week end exists so we can take our time, sleep until late and enjoy our day without pressure of any kind. That’s how it should be anyway. This scene called “Wake me up” from Joymii illustrates very well the sweet feeling of a sunny Sunday morning when you have nothing else to do apart from having sweet sex with your partner.

The actors and models are Brittany and Tommy, and they seem to be enjoying themselves very much. I like how the scene depicts a realistic moment of people’s lives. Waking up isn’t as sweet every day but for couples, the morning can be a really good moment to play. The day still hasn’t really started yet and you’re still in that sleepy state where you can’t remember all your problems like work, house shores, bills… You’re just alone with your boy/girlfriend and it feels like you have all the time in the world to enjoy him.

Also what I love about this scene is the very hot 69 moment.

To watch the full video in HD, go check out Joymii’s site!

New Erotica Joymii Brittany Wake Me Up powered by YouPorn.

wake me up joymii good porn

wake me up joymii good porn

wake me up joymii good porn

wake me up joymii good porn

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  1. EdwardPicky

    May 16, 2014 12:46 am

    I share your sentiments. And after the initial 69 there’s a nice upside-down kiss. And her hair is amazing. I also loved the way their hands interacted.

    Only possible drawback is the excessive brightness, but that does add to the aforementioned hazy leisurely morning effect.

    I actually stumbled upon this entering “Dragon Lady” in PornHub a long long time ago. And now I just watched it. It’s no longer the top match though :/

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