Left. Right. The sweat is all over my body. All over all bodies. It makes the air heavy and warm, like in your mother’s womb.

Left. Right. The beat is carrying my feet for me. I have no control. Big tits, small tits, they follow the rhythm too. Some guys are naked. One of my friends is in his boxer shorts. They made him strip before going into the club. Berlin bouncers are something else. Men are in front of me, behind me. Our skins touch. People are constantly moving, up and down and across the room. I don’t make eye contact because that would mean that I want them. But I just want to dance. I want to keep moving in this sea of flesh and decadence.

I go downstairs to get a drink. One guy is standing in the corner of the staircase, rubbing his cock and staring at the people going up and down. He was already there a couple of hours ago. He’ll probably still be there tomorrow morning. Staircase fetish. I drink a sip. I can’t swallow anything. I walk in and around the rooms, there are people everywhere. Flesh and sweat. My legs are shaking. If I sit down, I won’t stand up again.

I find the exit and ignore the bouncers’ evil look. The fresh air takes me by the throat. I should be cold but the heat is stored in my pores. Leaning over the wall, I take a breath. I close my eyes and grab my knees.

Where am I?


My friend with the boxer shorts is standing next to me, waking me from my introspection, although he’s wearing pants now. How long as he been there? Did he follow me out? His smile is kind and warm.

‘Are you ok?’

I nod. It feels like I was in an alternate world and I have just transitioned into reality. My body is filling up with energy again, taking advantage of the surrounding silence, contrasting with inside the club. It’s peaceful. We smile at each other for what feels like minutes.

He takes me by the hand and looks at me, standing still, as if he’s asking me for permission. I nod again. I don’t know what I’m agreeing too but my stomach and my pussy are deeply curious.

I take his hand and we walk to the first cab. He mumbles an address. I don’t speak German. I run my hand over his right leg, the zipper of his jeans, until my fingers reach the skin of his abdomen, under his t-shirt. My body is acting in my place. My lips run the same itinerary and kiss his knee, his zipper, his stomach. I bury my mouth in his neck and we find each other face to face. I breathe in his breath. I hear the cab driver say something, but I can’t make sense of it. I can’t make sense of anything.

He is not moving. As I get closer to kiss him, the car stops. I instinctively sit back down and I see him hand over 10 Euros to the driver. The universe keeps changing, like a series of moments, independent from each other. I don’t know what’s going to be outside of this car. It is the only place that exists at this moment.

He takes my hand and I’m outside again. The industrial neighbourhood is now a residential area with wide streets and doors with tags on them. The cold can’t seem to get through my horny carapace. The red door buzzes open and suddenly, we’re inside a flat.

The air is warm and it smells nice. A tall girl greets us with a big smile and asks us to take off our shoes. Now feeling like a fish in the sea, I take the lead. I grab his hand and dive into the scene. A man is blowing another man on a white, fluffy carpet. A cat is watching, like a sadistic madame. It’s weird that it’s not weird. A naked woman is fucking a guy on a suspended chair. They look at us, as we are floating around them. We are new fish in their ocean. She goes up and down on his cock while she looks at me in the eyes.

The current takes me to the next room. The woman who opened the door walks past us and takes my hand. She invites us to the bed. Hypnotised, I lay on top of her as I gently fall onto her and he falls onto me. Three. My favorite number. Our clothes fall on the floor. I can’t tell whose skin I am touching. I kiss her on the lips, caress her breasts and bury my fingers into her cunt to the beat of the chilled music. Her hand is running down my back as he penetrates me from behind.

Where am I?

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I moan. I want her. He fucks her through me, I fuck him through her. His cock is slowly entering and exiting me. My face is going further and closer to hers, but I keep looking right into her eyes, until she puts her head back and moans. She grabs the sheets with her hands as the beat goes faster. I bite on her nipple.

She gives herself to me, to us. He holds my hips tight and his cock goes deep and fast inside me now. She screams. I almost forget about my own orgasm as I stare at the grin of pleasure or pain on her face. He buries his dick all inside me and keeps it there as he comes inside me. Have I come? I’m not sure. Everything is so intense.

She sits up on her elbows and puts her hand on my pussy. His cock is still inside me. He stirs it deep. Her fingers go round and round on my clit and I can feel how wet I am. After a few seconds only, a wave of heat takes my whole body and, for an undetermined amount of time, I am somewhere else. High.

We lie all together on the bed. I can’t tell if I’m asleep or not.