I just fell in love with this sex scene. And yes, it is a sex scene, although both characters are not touching at all. I would usually post this kind of videos on a Monday for our gay porn ritual, but I can’t wait. I also could have included it in my “Dirty talk” post. This scene is from the 1997 movie Bent, with Clive Owen and Brian Webber.

Gay sex under the Nazi regime in ‘Bent’

We’ve seen hundreds of movies about the horror of concentration camps, showing Jews being tortured and killed. However, we have rarely seen how the gays were treated during this time. As we see in the film, they were forced to wear a pink triangle.

In this film, we follow Max (Clive Owen), a gay man who denies his homosexuality in order to wear the yellow star of David, and maybe, better his chances of survival. At Dachau, he falls in love with Horst (Lothaire Bluteau), a man who proudly wears his pink triangle.

Of course, they can’t touch, but they burn for each other.

Hot sex without touching, the power of imagination

This scene is absolutely amazing. These two characters can’t touch, at the risk of getting killed. The scene is simple, almost bare. We can only see the two of them, facing the sun and burning under it. They can’t even look at each other. However, they can feel each other, and, this way, they will be able to share a moment of passion and actually make love. Max is not too sure, but he soon realizes that he can feel his lover’s skin, body and kisses, in his mind.

Things go faster and they talk dirty to each other, until they both reach climax.

I’ve always been a fan of Clive Owen. Tall, green-eyed and scruffy-looking. I’m sure you can imagine I enjoyed his crazy sex scene with Monica Bellucci in Shoot’em up.

Tell me what you think? Is it hot or what? Ok, the fact that they’re super skinny and in a concentration camp isn’t very sexy, but come on, the talking and imagination-based stimulation… Beautiful!

No worries, I will soon make a post about all Owen’s sex scenes…