LelleBelle is a Dutch film by Micsha Kamp, which was released in 2010. It’s about Belle, a 19-year-old violin player who lives in a small village where everyone thinks about sex. She seems to be focused only on her music, unfil she finds out that her earlobe is very sensitive…

LelleBelle – Beautifully erotic

This movie is not famous for its storyline. Although the actors seem to be pretty good, the focus of the film was, apparently, to show a different kind of eroticism, with sexually explicit scenes, but away from the porn clichés that we all know, in the hope that it might appeal to women. I don’t know if they succeeded, because I haven’t seen the whole movie, but it definitely appealed to me! Lesbian scenes aren’t my strong suit, but this one was very well done. It’s a little naive, yet very sexy, highly sensitive and natural.

As I often say, gender never really matters in a good sex scene. It’s all about the chemistry!

The soundtrack includes artists like Sigur Rós, it’s worth the look!

“Lelle Belle”. Lesbian scene from bg_video on Vimeo.

If you want to see the rest of the scenes, it’s right here below!