It’s pretty rare to find a good video that is both natural and artistic, that’s why I’m pretty fond of this clip titled “As One”, as promo work for the A.M. Project.

Natural kissing – The A.M. Project

This short film is part of the promotional work for this project, which appears to be a collaborative music initiative, run by Avery Howard. Honestly I didn’t really get it fully, but I think it’s a group that works with several artists to create a new “chillbient” genre of music, mixing downtempo beats and melodies, and strongly influenced by trip hop.

This shoot stars Marylin Monroach and Arial Ryan passionately kissing in the bathtub. I like that it’s implicit, yet very sexy. I also like that it’s slow, so you have time to really enjoy every moment and pixel of the video, looking at their face, their tongues touching, their eyes… It’s not a typical “sexy video”, it’s short but it feels deeper and more “raw”.

They made more videos of people kissing, like this one, which is also pretty nice!

You probably recognised Billy Corgan singing Glass And The Ghost Children.

You can know more about the A.M Project on their site and their facebook page. In the meantime, I suggest you check out the video below!