I love surprises, and it was a great one when I stumbled upon the work of William Farges.

Artistic nudity – another perspective of the body

William Farges has been practicing photography for years. In his films, he shows nudity in motion as if it was a painting, adding a great artistic perspective to filming the nude body. He explains that although all his subjects are different, this reference to painted art is a recurrent objective.

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First, I discovered his film: Distance. It’s minimalistic and yet the simplicity makes it very empowering. The way he shows this female body feels pure and beautiful, and it does indeed reminds me of a painting. In this video, it’s like saying “yes, this is the female body”. No artificial sweeteners. It’s beautiful because that’s the way it is, with all its beautiful imperfections.

Distance from william farges on Vimeo.


According to Farges, this film is about knowing oneself, about all the questions we ask ourselves. The body becomes soul, and it’s indefinitely looking for itself in this cerebral nature… Isn’t it beautiful? The mix of raw nature and body makes it a great piece about authenticity and the link between body and mind. The man in the video is fully nude and it’s not polluted by anything, any preconceived idea. It’s just the way it is.

IMERIA from william farges on Vimeo.